Obligatory attempt at defining myself inerted here:

Any description of myself on this site is likely to be suffering from multiple sources of uncertainty. For starters, I should declare one important bias: I'm not unfavourably inclined towards myself. This may colour any opinion of myself.

I am an economist by training and by profession. Currently working in the pharmaceutical industry, I have spend more than a decade in various parts of the healt care sector, starting as an intern at the Danish Ministry of Health back in 1998.

I have since worked in Paris as a statistician at the OECD, and returned to Copenhagen to work at the Board of Health. In all cases, I worked with health statistics and health economics.

Personally, I'm still a voracious reader, but other hobbies such as roleplaying (GURPS, for those who care about the details) have taken a back seat to normal life. I considered myself a geek when I was younger (and rightfully so), but may be approaching normal. Hopefully, I'll never get there.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying married life with a wonderful woman, who makes allowances for the remaining geekiness still present.

I'm either a bit of an optimist or a cynic - both, if that is possible. As for all other labels - both those I chose myself and those others chose for me - I reject them for the time being as I have found that with age does not come certainty, but the more desirable quality of doubt. I would be wrong to say that I doubt myself, but I do like to question my beliefs. If they're any good, they can stand up to the scrutiny.