Site history

Warning: this is for geeks only! Who else would want to know what I did with this site since it saw the light of day in late 1997?

Version 6.0 (April 9th 2012) - Current

After having ignored my poor site for years, it was finally time to sit down and code a bit again. The site is a very basic representation of what goes on in my head.

The quick updates now take place on facebook (and have done so for a while) so it seemed pointless to revive the blog. If you're a friend, you'll hear it that way. If you're not a friend, chances are you wouldn't want to know anyway.

The biggest change is, that I have tried to make a smart phone friendly version of the CSS.

The design is loosely inspired by Microsoft's Metro UI.

Version 5.2 (January 21st 2007) Slight update

I have for a while thought that using the blog as starting point was a bit unfair to the other parts of the webiste. Hence, I made /uffe a more general start site with links to all the aspects of my site.

I have also included a small teaser from my blog, thanks to the people at feed2js.org. The blog itself now resides under /blog.

Finally, I removed my section on roleplaying campaigns. It was too static and I will be spending a fair part of 2007 on a special project regarding RPG. When that is done, I can come back to you.

Version 5.1 (December 17th 2006) Now also for FireFox

Version 5.0 had never quite rendered as it was supposed to in FireFox and other non-Microsoft browsers. With help and advice from Matthew Hodgson, I finally got it to function a bit better. A small disclaimer: anything that works is owed to him, any faults still there are a result of me stubbornly refusing to listen.

Version 5.0 (May 25th 2006) More hi-tech, more grey, more cool

The biggest problem with versions 1.0 through 4.0 was that I never updated the site. This was in part because I get the most fun out of designing rather than maintaining, but also because the site was built to be purely static. This version is aimed at being easy to update (with regards to news/blog, photos and general design).

My strategy was to incorporate software that would allow me to update easily:

For the first time, the page is based on CSS rather than tables and I must admit, I like the flexibility it has given me. I can play with the elements in ways I couldn't earlier.

Typefonts: The titles are written in Arial and the general text in Verdana. Simplicity is the key word.

Colours: Two types of grey. By far the simplest colour scheme I have ever used. But the colours now come from the changing images in the top right corner of the page.

Version 4.0 (September 9th 2003)

This design was implemented in July, August and September of 2003. The site had grown in many different directions (from a design point of view) and I wanted to make it both easier to use and more stringent in design.

The sections on the internet and on science fiction were removed. Sections containing photos and on roleplaying were added.

New Ploug.dk welcome page New biography page for Uffe Ploug
New Fudan 2000 page New page with photo series pop-ups

Software: The site was made using FrontPage 2000 and all graphics went through Paint Shop Pro, version 6.

Typefonts: The page titles and the navigation menu on the left both used Arial. The main text on the page was Times New Roman. Both typefonts were chosen because they are readily available on almost all computers. The banners on top of each page used another typefont, Frugal Sans.

Colours: The pages made use of a red basic colour and two versions of a sand colour on most pages.

Version 3.0 (June 5th 2000, Constitution Day)

Completely redesigned. The Jokes-section has been augmented by 56 (!) new jokes, now almost all sorted by professions. Still true to the previous version as far as hierarchy and content is concerned, except that there are now only four main section since I dropped the one that was unused.
Many apologies offered for not updating sooner. (I know: 2 years for an update is a bit extreme - I simply couldn't agree on a new design).

Old homepage for www.ploug.dk Old homepage for Uffe Ploug website
Old biography page for Uffe Ploug Old page for Fudan 2000 website

The new design is inspired by the talk about Stasi Archives, KGB Archives, Nazi Archives, Echelon Files, etc. With all those archives in existence, why not make one about myself. Around the page, you'll see symbols from the USSR, USA, and Nazi Germany. That doesn't mean I see them as being the same fat. I'm simply trying to create an atmosphere - one that gives the micro film-look you have come to expect from watching all those Cold War-movies.

Version 2.1 (June 6th 1998)

The Isaac Asimov section was added as was 12 more jokes.

Version 2.0 (February 7th 1998)

A completely remade homepage. MS Publisher was replaced by MS Front Page 98. Trebuchet was featured as typefont.

Version 1.1 (December 20th 1997)

The Christmas Edition featuring a Christmas greeting and a few updates. Nothing truly fancy.

Version 1.0 (December 2nd 1997)

The first upload ever of this website. It featured only my personal website. Made with MS Publisher.